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Oilsands Industrial Services does more than provide you with the best torque tools in the market.  Our sales, service and training are designed to provide you with the best before, during and after experience in working with us and these tools.


Expertly trained sales staff assess your project before determining which tool(s) will work best for your project.  This one-on-one interaction ensures you get the right tool for the job and allows you to ask any questions you may have about your purchase.


Oilsands Industrial Services goes to your job site to provide real-time training.  Seeing how these tools work specifically for your project and having the benefit of a field expert on hand adds immeasurable value to the product.


Your customer experience does not end with sales and training.  Aftercare services include co-ordinating the repair of your torque tools. We know the best industry professionals that specialize in the repair and service of Rad-Torque tools; we are happy to connect you with the service agent closest to you to ensure a fast and reliable repair.

Oilsands Industrial Services stands behind the Rad-Torque tools we sell, which is why we proudly offer sales, training and aftercare service for each tool we sell.

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