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Safety is THE top priority when producing chemicals using oil and natural gas.

Like refineries and the oil and gas industry, petrochemical plants work with explosive and potentially volatile compounds.

When using oil and natural gas to manufacture products like plastics, rubber, detergents, fertilizers, solvents, dyes and thousands more, employees need reliable bolting tools.

Secure Connection

Nut and bolt applications play a big role in the petrochemical industry and require specific torques.

The RAD 350SL and the entire suite of pneumatic tools give plants peace of mind that pipes are securely connected – both to prevent and stop leaks.

Efficient Bolting

RAD’s tools are accurate, fast and only require one employee unlike many other wrenches that are used to flange pipes, pumps, valves, and other equipment.

This means they can complete routine maintenance and efficiently deal with breakdowns when they occur.

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